Office Design
and Fit Out Service

From consultation to planning to furnishing, our Design and Fit Out team will help you create comfortable, healthy and inspiring workspaces.


The first step in any furniture project is to have a chat with our Design and Fit Out team. With years of experience covering all types of jobs from sourcing the right operator chair to complete office makeovers, the insight and ideas they can lend to your next job can make the difference from it being a good project, to a great one.


If you are upgrading your existing office, expanding it or even changing location altogether, we can, using specialist software programmes, provide floor plans and designs according to your unique requirements. The Design and Fit Out team will work closely with you to create the perfect environment for your needs, including the overall layout, fixtures and even colour schemes.

Furniture sourcing

The team here at CBS has built very strong working relationships with a wide variety of different suppliers from both the UK and across Europe and not just with the big brands, but with smaller bespoke suppliers too. As we can deal with any manufacturer we have thousands of furniture options available to us, so whatever you need from standard design to bespoke solutions, our team can deliver.

Fit out

Once we’ve helped you plan the space, sourced the right furniture and the fixtures and fittings have been chosen, it’s time to make the project actually happen. Our in-house team will handle most installations, but if the project requires a more specialist touch, we have a team of experienced contractors available to help ensure the fit out is completed to the highest standard.

After care

Planning and fitting out your new workspace is just the start. Our job is to help you (if you need it) at each stage of the process and one of the most important is our customer care service. Whilst your job is ongoing, we are here to help you work through any concerns you may have. If you have a lightbulb moment and want to change the spec, no problem. If your budget suddenly changes, we can accommodate that. Our job is to make sure the final project is the one that works for you on every level. That may be the end of it for you, but it’s not for us! Once we finish a job, we’re then on hand for as long as you need us to help settle any concerns or issues you may have after completion.

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